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4 of The Best Hikes in The Blue Ridge Mountains

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Blackrock Summit

Spring is finally here, and with great anticipation we are looking forward to summer of 2021. The vast and gorgeous Blue Ridge Mountains never disappoint this time of year. With spectacular overlooks and a scenic drive that takes you through winding roads, the most exciting and most enjoyed part of being near the Blue Ridge Mountains are the hikes it has to offer. Here is a list of incredible hikes to partake in while you visit the Blue Ridge Mountains or even if you live here these hidden gems are worth the experience.

1. Crabtree Falls: A beautiful 2.7 mile loop that can be a strenuous hike depending on whether or not you are experienced. This hike is one that requires a pair of shoes that you're not afraid to get muddy, but once you're at the top it is worth every step. Crabtree Falls Directions

crabtree falls, hiking, blue ridge parkway, blue ridge mountains, Waynesboro, Virginia, travel, best hikes,
Crabtree Falls

2. Humpback Rock: This is one of the most well known hikes in the Shenandoah Valley area, and for good reason. The top of this hike is a view that you will not forget. There is the option of taking the quick .8 mile hike straight up, which is a bit more challenging or taking the 3.8 mile scenic route. This hike is a moderate hike, and great for taking your fur baby with you. Humpback Rock Directions

humpback rock, blue ridge mountains, blue ridge parkway, humpback, hiking, travel, Virginia, Waynesboro Virginia
Humpback Rock

3. Doyle's River: This is a 3.4 mile hike round trip and its difficulty level is moderate. It is near Port Republic, Virginia and can be found here: Doyle's River Directions

4. Blackrock Summit via Trafyfoot: This is an incredibly easy hike as it is only 1.1 miles out and back also located on the Skyline Drive. It is definitely one to bring your whole family along for, and the view is absolutely stunning, but in a very unique way. The top of this hike is covered in quartzite rock which have an incredible story to tell. Be sure and check out the Blackrock Summit story while you're there. Directions to Blackrock Summit

Doyle's River

Distance from Iris Inn:

Crabtree Falls - 48 min (Directions: here)

Humpback Rock - 25 min (Directions: here)

Doyle's River - 45 min (Directions: here)

Blackrock Summit via Trafyfoot - 40 min (Directions: here)


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