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Virginia's Fine Pickings

Virginia is home to some of the most beautiful farms where you can pick fresh fruit year round. Right now the fruit that is in season for the summer are peaches and a variety of berries. Here are two of the best farms and orchards to go picking near the Iris Inn!

1. Critzer Family Farm - Located in Afton, VA This time of year Critzer is the perfect place for peach picking! Their peaches are delicious and the environment is stunning. For further information: Click Here!

2. Chiles Peach Orchard & Country Store - Located in Crozet, VA Carter Mountain has Peaches and Nectarines in season for the summer! They are best known for their cider donuts, and country store. A great place to spend the evening eating homemade ice cream or donuts. They also serve the local cider provided by Bold Rock! For further information: Click Here!

Enjoy the final months of summer with fresh fruit from the Blue Ridge Mountains! For more information on activities to do near the Iris Inn: Iris Inn Local Activities

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